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STEVEN T. FISHMAN, PH.D.    Director and Founder
Board Certified in Clinical and Behavioral Psychology (ABPP)

is one of the founders of the Institute and is currently its Administrative Director.  Dr. Fishman has practiced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the past 40 years and is considered an expert in the treatment of the spectrum of anxiety disorders (e.g.GAD, OCD, social anxiety, panic, simple phobias, etc.) and depression. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed audio series on the Multiform Treatment of Panic and Agoraphobia. Dr. Fishman has lectured extensively and has authored many professional articles on Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  He has served on the editorial board for a number of professional journals.  He was a founding member of the American Board of Behavioral Psychology where he served as a Director and the Secretary/Treasurer for 16 years (1985-2001). He was the first President of the American Academy of Behavioral Psychology ((1998-2001). Dr. Fishman is Board Certified in both Clincial and Behavioral Psychology, the American Board of Professional Psychology.


BARRY S. LUBETKIN, PH.D.    Director and Founder
Board Certified in Clinical and Behavioral Psychology (ABPP)

is a co-founder of the Institute and serves as its Clinical Director. Dr. Lubetkin has written several books in Psychology encompassing topics such as marital discord and social fears. In addition to these areas, he possesses an expertise in substance abuse treatment and depression. Dr. Lubetkin has appeared on numerous television programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show . He has contributed extensively to professional literature over the years. He was a Director on the American Board of Behavioral Psychology and served as President of that board for 12 years. Dr Lubetkin is Board Certified in both Clinical and Behavioral Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Psychiatric Consultants

Cythia Perry, M.D.
Jesse Rosenthal, M.D.


Senior Clinical Consultants

Adam Weissman, Ph.D.
 Director, Child/Adolescent Treatment Center
Carol Lewis, Ph.D.
 Director, Assessment Center
Ilana Dworin, Psy.D.
Social Anxiety Treatment Center
Warren Huberman, Ph.D.
Heidi Kar, Ph.D.
 Director, Post-taumatic Stress & Relationship Therapy Center
Christine Megan, Ph.D.
Amber Brandes, Ph.D.

Clinical Fellows

Sarah Mandel, Ph.D.


Brenda Bloomfield
Judie LoRe
Nanci Sieradzki

Board of Advisors

Elaine Blechman, Ph.D.
Gerald C. Davison, Ph.D.
Allen Fay, M.D.
Cyril Franks, Ph.D.
John Gagnan, Ph.D.
Marvin Goldfried, Ph.D.
Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D.
K. Daniel O’Leary, Ph.D.
Robert Paul Liberman, M.D.
Martin I. Lubin, M.D.
John N. Marquis, Ph.D.
James McGee, Ph.D.
Peter E. Nathan, Ph.D.
M. Mike Nawas, Ph.D.
Rosemary O. Nelson, Ph.D.
David Pomeranz, Ph.D.
Raymond Rosen, Ph.D.
Paul Watchel, Ph.D.
G. Terence Wilson, Ph.D.